Can Danco Transmission & Auto Care Please Explain Gasoline Octane Ratings?

Fairfield auto repair FAQDanco Transmission & Auto Care is occasionally asked by our customers in the greater Fairfield area about what octane ratings in gasoline mean. Danco Transmission & Auto Care tells them that the octane rating in gasoline is a measure by which that gasoline is capable of helping to prevent engine knock, also known as rattling or a pinging noise resulting from the premature ignition of compressed air-fuel mixture in one or more of a engine's cylinders. The majority of a gas stations around the greater Fairfield area sell three grades of octane, 87 octane (regular), 89 octane (mid-grade), and 92 or 93 octane (premium). Octane ratings are located on each gas pump, usually as a bright yellow sticker. If you live in the Fairfield area and have any other questions about the fuel you use in your vehicle please feel free to contact Danco Transmission & Auto Care and let one of our auto repair mechanics be of help!