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    A big thanks goes to Marty Human! I had to bring my car in 3 weeks ago to have the transmission checked and Marty was very helpful and honest with me as to what my car needed. I have decided to buy another car instead of trying to fix my Hyundai Elantra and have since bought another vehicle. Thanks to Marty for telling me what I would have to spend to fix my car (transmission and tires). With the age of my car, 2000, and the amount of miles on it even with a rebuilt/repaired transmission I did not feel the car was worth it. I have told everyone about your services and the Danco attitude and have recommended you to everyone I can since visiting your shop. Thanks so much for having the business attitude you have and the integrity as well. If I need any other services that you provide, I will be returning in the future. Carla Carr

    Carla Carr Fairfield Ohio


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